Residential Re-Roofing

Step 1. The Planning

Quoting: Upon you contacting us, a qualified salesman will visit you to identify your needs, scope out the parameters of your project, and give you a fair and accurate price. Our consultant will also take all necessary measurements of your roof, examine any potential problems and recommend economical solutions to treat any problem correctly. Everything is specified, in detail on paper, so you know exactly what you will get, for exactly what price.

Preproduction: Once a contract is signed by the customer, our Production Department reviews the project, enters all the information in the computer, orders the materials, and outlines the project, identifying everything that can be done before the job actually starts. This enables us to keep the on-site work to a minimum, reducing the risk of bad weather, potential safety and property hazards, as well your inconvenience during construction.

Scheduling: Once your contract has been reviewed and approved, we call you with your scheduled date, and keep you informed once a week until your starting date. It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to actually start the job or sometimes less, weather permitting.

Step 2. The Project

Material Delivery, Loading and Site Prep: Our Field Supervisor’s office will notify you of when materials will be delivered to your home. Typically the material will be delivered directly to the roof unless your roof is a steep slope in which case they will deliver the material on the ground close to your house. In either case, this will require you to make sure that your vehicles are out of the driveway giving us complete access up to your house with a delivery truck. This will happen one to two days before the job starts. The field supervisor will also visit your home to perform a site inspection a couple of days before the actual start of the job. This will help him view the job, first hand, and get a better feel for any additional requirements or equipment that may be needed to help your job proceed efficiently. Through this site visit he will also form a plan and discuss that plan with the foreman on how to proceed. Before he leaves he will also post a job sign on your property.

Tearoff and underlayment: Tarps will be placed over all bushes as protection to your property prior to starting the job. The tearoff crew will come out and begin removing the old roof and will have either a dumpster or dumptruck to haul off the debris. This is the most dangerous part of the job because of unpredictable weather, nails on the grass, and rotten parts of the roof possibly falling in.

Shingling the roof: If everything has been done properly in advance, this is actually one of the smoothest parts of the process, since we have it down to a science. We use the latest techniques and technology to increase speed and quality. During the process, we encourage you to walk the grounds with the Field Supervisor to ensure your satisfaction with the appearance of your new roof. Our crews are courteous and well trained.

Cleanup: We pick up all trash resulting from the roofing job and use a magnetic roller to clear your lawn of any nails. We work very hard to find every nail, but we recommend that you continue to watch for the next couple of weeks for any one we might have missed.

Step 3. The Paperwork

Final payment and warranties: After the job is completed, one of our Field Supervisors will examine the work and determine whether it has been done to our standards and contract specifications. If there are any problems that either he or you have discovered, he will make sure they get fixed. Once you’re sure that everything has been done to your satisfaction, the Field Supervisor will request the final payment. Once he has received final payment, he will give you the warranty package. We love to take this time to collect referrals too.